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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Isn't armpit hair natural?

Theres been an advert running for the last few weeks both on TV screens and on billboards thats been really irking me.
Its for 'Sure NaturalMinerals' deodorant. The advertising camapign focuses heavily on just how natural the product is, with a model jumping over streams,rivers and waving her armpits around in the middle of fields trying to appear all back to nature and etheral.

Anyway, the whole camapign has struck me at just how UNNATURAL the model looked. Her armpits and legs are tanned and waxed to within an inch of their life? When did we start equating women waxed limbs as 'natural'?

If Sure really want to promote a 'natural' deodrant then maybe the should show a natural women as well, armpit hair and all!


  1. Under arm hair = GROSS yuck

  2. Good post. It's pathetic how these companies try to push their products with advertisements holding up some kind of natural, earthy image. It's all fake, they have no interest in having a natural woman in their campaigns. Armpit hair is completely natural, and I think that any guy who recoils from armpit hair and insists his girlfriend shave it off, should shave off his own. This goes for pubic hair as well.

  3. To 'Under arm hair = GROSS yuck'
    Do you think armpit hair is gross on men too,or just women?

  4. Yep, hate this double standard. This whole topic is raw for revolutionary action! I personally love seeing hairy women in public, perhaps even waving their arm pits about like our friend in the ad. Legs too... moustaches, what have ya. Just more people being free and chanllenging exploitative, dull, sexist, homogenizing norms would be good. And less judegmental "ewww gross" comments - what a fucking bore.

  5. As a man, I'm afraid I have to say that there is probably nothing less attractive than hairy armpits on a woman.

    It may not seem fair, but different characteristics are attractive or unattractive, and at least hairy armpits can be dealt with easily.

  6. I can think of a thousand things that would make a man unnatractive to me such as rudeness,no sense of humor or being shallow......wether they razor of a bit of armpit hair really wouldn't even feature on the list.

    Its sad that many are conditioned to the extent that they would be repulsed by what a women has and grows naturally.

  7. Some men like their partners to have armpit hairs, as long as they don't stink! Ha ha! But I must confess that there are times when I get too lazy shaving them (for months), and my boyfriend would just laugh so hard at me for having the thickest armpit hair ever! It's embarrassing to hear that from your partner. That's why I tried having a laser hair removal treatment in West Palm Beach. The results are great, my armpits so gorgeous and my boyfriend's head over heels for me again!