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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sending Sexism to the Sin Bin.

So Hunky Dorys came out with a new advertising campaign last week which seriously pissed me off,and has put Hunky Dorys on my 'never to buy again' list.

As previous posts will indicate I am very passionate about the rampantsexism that exists in Ireland when it comes to women and sports,something I think that was exemplified by the Hunky Dorys ad camapign.
Women are valued more in our society as sex objects than athletes,something which Is so frustrating to the thousands of female rugby players in Ireland who get little to no funding,acknowledgment or respect for their sport and have to deal with constant offensive remarks about their sexuality and gender.

As usual the media debate centred around the concept that 'sex sell's' and so the people at Hunky Dorys are being rather clever actually......... What a load of Bullsh*t! This is NOT SEX,but women bodies being USED as sex objects. Advertising exec's must be having REALLY bad sex If they can compare the full sexual sensory experience to a two dimensional picture of some women holding a rugby ball.

I'm not a massive fan of making formal compaints to goverment bodies,as advertising companies feed off this sort of exposure. How sick must an industry be to push the boundaries to try and be offensive to as many people as the can to maximise their exposure to sell their shitty crisps?

I decided therefore to take matters into my own hands and, with the help of my feminist friend John, we tried to highlight the sexist nature of the ad's in city centre locations.


  1. Not even sexism deserves to go to the SinBin, no one/thing deserves that. I do agree that Hunky Dorys are shitty crisps too, you ever have the 'Buffalo' flavour? Yuk.